This is an unqualified and enthusiastic endorsement of Wright Secretarial, as well to suggest that they would be of value to your law practice. I’ve known them for a very long time, well over 15 years. During that time I was able to rely on them extensively and successfully in supporting my practice. I enjoyed the opportunity to have their clerical services on a quick, convenient and cost-effective basis. I have been fully satisfied with everything Wright has done.

Wright has covered everything from timekeeping, accounting entries, transcription, formatting pleadings and other documents, analyzing and compiling reports on documents, as well as following up with client contact where necessary. Perhaps the best way to encapsulate their qualities is to say that for all of those years they have proven loyal, local and capable in any emergency … with absolutely no departure from being professional and good-natured. On that basis, I can attest that Wright will be an excellent service for any office; they are quick, optimistic and witty where those qualities bring healthy mitigation to the stress of legal work. It’s an impressive record, considering what I have seen in 32 years of litigation offices.


The Quinlan Law Corporation – Tustin, CA